Car Cheap Towing Service

We offer towing service to the customers all over Melbourne, as we know that after accidents, some vehicles don’t remain in a condition to be driven anywhere.

Using our fleet of tow trucks, we can tow all types and sizes of cars, and bring them to our smash repair workshop. We tow both private and fleet vehicles.

24/7 Cheap Towing Service
  • Our towing operators and drivers have necessary permits.
  • We see that your vehicle sustains no further damage during towing.

Our team always stays prepared for towing the vehicles and handling the post-accident situations. Don’t forget to give us a call at (03) 9873 1399 or 0438 765 525 whenever you need towing assistance in Mitcham and other regions of Melbourne.

Our Towing Services

Emergencies, such as your car being stuck on the sidewalk, require prompt towing services. As an automotive service provider, Vincent Smash Repairs understands such emergency situations very well. Once you contact us, we try to reach your location as quickly as possible and provide any assistance you may require. We offer cheap towing services in Mitcham, Melbourne. Our car towing services cater to all kinds of vehicles, private or public including:

  • Fleet Cars – We can tow multiple fleet cars and provide repair services at our centre. We know the importance of transportation and fast services in a business which is why we try to complete our services before or on time.

  • Private Cars – If you need to pick up your car from your home, your office or from the middle of the city, we will be there to help.

  • 4 WDs – We also tow pickup trucks as well as utes and transport them to our smash repair centre for servicing.

Reasons to Hire Towing Services

You cannot predict when and where your car may break down. That is why it is important to keep the contact details of a reliable car towing company. We have listed out some situations that will require the assistance of our car towing service:

  • Accidents – If you are involved in a collision, first ensure that you are okay. If you require no medical attention, you can call emergency car towing services. In such cases, it is best to bring the car directly to a repair shop.

  • Engine Shutdown – Due to a variety of reasons, your engine might shut down completely. To minimise engine damage, stop your car at once if you feel it is overheating. It’s best to call on a tow service provider.

  • Brake Failure – Do not panic if you feel your brake is failing. Stop accelerating your car further and let it slow down gradually. Gently steer it to one side of the road. Once the car has completely stopped, call a car towing service provider. Bring it to a repair centre and get the brakes fixed at once.

  • Tyre Puncture – We all know how a perfect tyre can also get punctured in the most unpredictable moments. In such cases, you need to tow your car to the nearest service centre to replace the tyres.

  • Dead Battery – When the battery dies, the engine ceases which means that the car would not start or move. It could happen due to leakage or faulty wiring. However, you would need to tow your car to a service centre and get it fixed.

  • Stuck Car – If your car is stuck in a ditch and you cannot get out, it’s best to call our team for towing services.

  • Transmission Fluid Leakage – When you notice a transmission leakage or fluid leakage of any kind, it is better to stop your car and tow it to our service centre.

Why Choose Our Towing Service?

As a smash repair centre, we not only provide accidental damage repair but towing services at a reasonable rate. We will tow your car to our shop for repairing your vehicle. If you require towing service and repairs, we provide both at our shop. Our services are known for their:

  • Skilled technicians – Our team of mechanics have the experience and the expertise to ensure that your car receives the care it needs.

  • Versatility – We tow a variety of vehicles – fleet cars, private vehicles, heavy vehicles, etc.

  • Competitive prices – All our automotive services come at affordable rates.

Reliable Towing Service in Mitcham, Melbourne

Are you in one of those situations where your car just would not start or has gotten stuck in a ditch? Don’t worry cause we’ve got your back. At Vincent Smash Repairs, we provide cheap towing services in Mitcham and other suburbs of Melbourne. Call us on 03 9873 1399/ 0438 765 525 or write to us at to know more now.


The cost of towing depends on a lot of factors such as type of vehicle, distance needed to travel etc. For a personalised quote, feel free to contact our team today.

No, you do not have to pay any additional taxes if you are towing your car. However, if you should have car insurance that includes towing services, it can help in reducing the overall cost.

This varies from one insurance company to another. However, you can choose an insurance company whose policy includes towing services.

Factors such as the weight of your vehicle, the time of the day and the complexity of the issue, etc can impact the towing price. Reach out to our team for a personalised quote.