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A vehicle is one of the most essential and expensive commodities in one’s life. It makes conveyance easier and comfortable. One of the biggest investments, all vehicle owners pay due attention to the condition and maintenance of their vehicle. Despite extensive caution, mishaps can happen. It might not always be the owner’s mistake, but can be the opposite driver’s negligence or carelessness. Depending on the extent of the collision, the damage can vary from minor, superficial scratches to major damages to the body of the vehicle. It can have sever implications to the exterior body and could also affect the functioning of other parts and internal systems. This is where a panel beater comes into play. An expert panel beater is able to work on your damaged vehicle and revert it back to its original form.

Panel Beater

Vincent Smash Repairs is a leading smash repairs specialist, with over 12 years of expertise in the industry. Located in the suburbs of Mitcham, Burwood and Box Hill, we are equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology and equipment. Led by a team of automobile enthusiasts, the team at Vincent Smash Repairs are certified professionals who are skilled to deal with all kinds of smash repairs and maintenance concerns of our customers. Our technicians are experts in their respective fields, and constantly upgrade themselves to cater to the evolving needs in the industry. Panel beating is one of our specializations and we have carved a niche for ourselves in the realm of automotive panel beating. With our excellent car panel beating services, we have garnered an extensive clientele who have been returning customers. Combining quality with affordable rates, we are the cheapest panel beaters in the suburb.

Benefits of hiring a professional panel beater

  • Expertise – Regardless of the extent of damage, it is always advisable to approach a professional panel beater as opposed to a normal mechanic. Panel beating is a skill by itself and the specialists know how to go about things and revive the original condition of your vehicle.
  • Equipment – They come with the requisite tools and specialized methods to repair your damaged panels and other segments of the vehicle. With years of expert knowledge, they know how to repair the concerns without inflicting further damage.
  • Cost effective – Extensive damage might compel you to purchase a new vehicle. But that could be another expensive investment. But by submitting your vehicle in the hands of an expert, you can be assured that the vehicle will resort to its best, original form at a nominal rate as compared to investing in a brand new vehicle.
  • Assurance – A Panel beater will make sure that the work is done according to the needs of your vehicle, your budget and the extent of damage. They catalogue all the damage, parts and accessories, thereby ensuring you that there is no scope for any unscrupulous acts. One can be assured that no original part will go missing or be compromised.

Why is Panel Beating important?

Panel beating, also known as smash repairs, is one of the essential services offered by auto workshops. The process repairs and restores accidental damage to a car. Vincent Smash Repairs has experienced panel beaters skilled in restoring damaged cars to their original state. We provide these services in Mitcham and Melbourne, helping car owners keep their vehicles in good condition.

Panel Beating Process

Whether a bump from a minor accident or a small scratch that your car sustained while parking, it is best to quickly take care of such issues. You could remove these dents in some hours if you book a service now. Feel free to visit Vincent Smash Repairs. We have explained here how you can book your services with us:

  • Contact Us – When you reach out to us, our panel beaters will discuss the nature of your damage, insurance plan, time and cost estimation, etc. You will get all the basic details about our service.
  • Drop off Vehicle – You can drop off your car at our automotive centre. If your vehicle is in pretty bad shape, we also provide towing services. You can personally discuss this with our panel beater team as they can provide an accurate assessment of damage sustained by your car. If you need any assistance with your insurance claim and settlement, we can assist you in the process.
  • Preliminary Reports – When you visit our shop, our local panel beaters will discuss the damage as other vehicular issues of your car. This determines the type of service required. Our panel beaters assess the vehicular damage and prepare a list of all required services. By going through the list, they estimate the total time and cost of the job. As soon as they have estimated the time and cost, they discuss it with you. They ask for specific instructions if you have any, insurance claims and other paperwork. Once everything is on-board, they go ahead with their repairs.
  • Repair Work – Our mechanics will continue with the panel beating work and complete it on your time! We replace faulty panels and repair the ones that can be reworked. By the end of this stage, the dents and scratches will be removed and we will prep it up for reassembling and painting. The panels are fitted back, and the alignment of the chassis is checked and corrected. Your car’s colour is matched and spray painted. Before painting, a primer is always applied for better absorption of the colour pigments. Similarly, a protective agent is used at the end to make the paint long-lasting.
  • Final Touches –Before finally handing it over to the customer, our panel beaters do a final check. All the industrial and safety standards of your car will be checked such as the working of headlights, blinkers, window screens, etc. If some aspects do not meet the standards, they are immediately corrected. Our team will inform you about the completion of the work and finalise the bill. All the updates in the paperwork are completed and made ready.
  • Pick Up – You can come down to our garage to collect your car and the complete paperwork for future reference.
Why Choose Us?

At Vincent Smash Repairs, we offer reliable automotive services including panel beating. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • Specialise in Damage Repair – With years of industry experience, we have successfully handled almost all kinds and scales of damages.
  • Assist with Claims Settlement – Our team can help when you file for an insurance claim and settlement from the insurance company.
  • Competitive Prices – We offer reasonable rates for all our automotive services.
Experienced Panel Beaters in Mitcham, Melbourne

Get instant repairs to any vehicle damage with Vincent Smash Repairs. We have experienced panel beaters in Mitcham and Melbourne. Call us on 03 9873 1399/ 0438 765 525 or send us an email at to know more.


It depends several factors such as the make of your car, the extent of damage etc. Reach out to our panel beaters who can provide an accurate assessment of vehicular damage.

Panel beating involves:

  • Repairing dents and scratches on the car’s body
  • Replacement of panels, if they are extremely damaged
  • Reassembling and fitting the parts in the correct position
  • Car spray painting, cleaning and checking of safety standards