Car Spray Painting Services

We offer reliable and prompt car spray painting services in Mitcham, BurwoodBox Hill throughout Melbourne. Whether you want to get your vehicle resprayed after a crash or smooth out the irregularities in the paint, we can perform all types and sizes of paint jobs at our auto body shop.

We have qualified automotive spray painters, who take extra care of your car, as delivering exceptional service is their motto.

Spray Painting
  • We use the state-of-the-art paint booth and colour matching equipment.
  • We use premium quality automotive paints and fast processes.

We make sure that your vehicle gets the same shine it had on the day when you bought it, and guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face.

Our Car Spray Painting Process

Paint damage on cars can be a huge issue. They affect the aesthetics of the vehicle and you need experts who can fix it. At Vincent Smash Repairs, we solve this problem with our precise car spray painting and colour-matching technology. With state-of-the-art facilities, skilled technicians restore the paint damage. Our car spray painting service in Mitcham and Melbourne is budget friendly and meets the best standards. Here is our process:

  • Prep Work – Sanding is the first step that roughens the surface so that it can hold the paint better. It is followed by dusting and cleaning that clears out the fine dust particles present on the surface.

  • Masking – The process of covering the parts that do not need the paintwork is called masking. If it is not done properly, the areas get damaged because of the present paintwork which leads to additional cleaning and maintenance work.

  • Applying Primer – For better absorption of the colour we apply primer to the surface. Without the primer, the car spray paint may get unevenly distributed and leave lighter patches. To avoid patchwork and repainting it is always better to apply the primer before the main colour.

  • Paint Work – We use the latest equipment and paint sprays for the job. Depending on your requirements, we apply a double or triple coating. Once the paintwork is completed, we coat it with a layer of a paint-protective agent. This increases the lifespan of the automotive spray paint and gives it additional protection from very minute scratches.

Why Choose Vincent Smash Repairs?

We are known for our specialisation in car spray repairs. Our technicians can deliver the best results every time. You also get:

  • Timely Services – We are known for completing our work on or before the time.

  • Advanced Facilities – With the use of the latest equipment and facilities, we deliver quality services.

  • Skilled Technicians – Our technicians have hard-earned their practical experience over the years.

  • Customer Satisfaction – Over 12 long years of service, we have a long list of happy customers.

Call Our Trustworthy Car Spray Painting Experts

With the use of precise colour-matching technology and the latest equipment, we offer quality car spray painting services in Mitcham and Melbourne. At Vincent Smash Repairs, we not only focus on quality but try to find out ways to make our services budget-friendly. So, if you require custom automotive spray paint, call us on 03 9873 1399/ 0438 765 525 or write to us at to book our services.


Every car’s paintwork is different from the other one, so there is no fixed rate for it. You will know the exact cost once the job is finished. Reach out to our team for more information.

Yes, as respraying or double coating protects the paint from minor scratches and weather effects. 

Yes, as this can increase its resale value.

Wrapping is the cheaper option. However, it cannot give the finishing that spray painting can provide.